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Celebrating Over 100 Episodes!!!



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Celebrating Over 100 Episodes!!!
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So we missed something… 5 episodes ago we hit the 100 episode mark. That is a HUGE milestone in the podcast world because pod-fade is a real thing and happens on a regular basis. So… we are gonna celebrate like the friend that sends you a birthday card AFTER your actual birthday… (I’ve done that before).

Thank you to great guests, great tech, and great listeners.
Thank you to great guests, great tech, and great listeners.
To Our Listeners...
We couldn’t be more grateful to our listeners, for tuning in each week - sometimes twice a week - to hear great human stories from the builders themselves, about what they went through to bring a new idea to life.
To Our Guests...
You’ve done the work, and built the thing. Your stories are incredible, and we are honored to be a small part of sharing them with the world.
Episode 105 (Season 4, Episode 9)
The latest episode of Code Story ran today, with Matt Forniciari of Gremlin. Episode 105… or Season 4, Episode 9. Please enjoy.
Code Story – E9: Matt Fornaciari, Gremlin
Hi, we’re Wildbit. We believe that businesses are designed to support human beings.
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