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Cultivate. Optimize. Develop. Enhance.

Code Story
Cultivate. Optimize. Develop. Enhance.
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Every effective team leader wants to ensure their team is great. But how do they do it? The talent and skill of an organization can get you some of the way, but what is needed to make a good team great?
Introducing the CODE Program, created by the Founder of Front Range Systems.

CODE is a professional team elevation program that changes mindsets, increases productivity, and creates better effective team members. We take a deep dive on the values and principles that are foundational to success in any process and/or framework. 
Six Months of Team Enhancement
Professional Curriculum & Coaches
Personalized One on One & Team Coaching
Unlimited Digital Access To Your Coach
Weekly Action Items
Why do we need this?
Some in the software industry have asked if Scrum is enough. While Scrum is a great framework that we use on all of our projects, there is still more we can do. The CODE Program sits on top of Scrum, helps each member of the team contribute more effectively, and helps the team as a whole work more like a single unit.
So what are you waiting for?
Get started today, and instill growth cultures in your workplace, and help your team reach their full potential.
About Front Range Systems
At Front Range Systems, our purpose is to help businesses update outdated software and implement customized systems that ease the workload and promote customer engagement. We save time, ensure accuracy, limit frustrations, and guarantee quality service as well as effectiveness and efficiency with your systems. Our priority is making quality software for your business to enable longevity and add a competitive edge against those in your industry. We customize your systems to provide you with the tools that your business needs and the tools to fulfill the needs of your customers.
About the Owner - Matt Dixon
Over his career, Matt Dixon has been a part of many teams. Some good, some bad, and some in the middle. Intelligence or skill was never a factor in why a team was good or bad. There were smart people on every team he worked with.But talent only goes so far. Skills only go so far. Intelligence only goes so far.
The CODE Program will help good individuals to become great, and great individuals will become exceptional. Matt started the CODE Program so he could help affect positive change. Change is hard, but with this program we help change become a little easier.
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