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Cut your cloud costs by 50%.



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Code Story
Cut your cloud costs by 50%.
By Code Story • Issue #61 • View online
This message is sponsored by CAST AI.
According to some studies out there, 30-40% of cloud budgets are wasted. Managing your cloud bill is a tough task, where visibility is difficult to obtain, and the more complex your infrastructure becomes, the harder it is to stay on top of the cost.
That’s where CAST AI comes in.

Listen to the founder!
Bonus: Leon Kuperman,
CAST AI brings automated cloud optimization to the world of Kubernetes. It’s the one platform that cuts your cloud bill in half, automates DevOps tasks, and guarantees business continuity by preventing downtime.
Optimize Cloud Costs
  • Use spot instances that offer 70-90% discounts
  • Get the most cost-effective instance types
  • Generate detailed cost reports to forecast expenses
Automate DevOps Tasks
Achieve Business Continuity
Trusted by the Biggest Names
Perfect for companies large and small. CAST AI doesn’t require additional engineers to do the work. You start saving as soon as you turn it on.
Get Started NOW
So what are you waiting for? With a no downside proposition, CAST AI is a winner for your cloud infrastructure. Book a demo, and get started cutting your bill in half today.
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