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I want to let you in on a little secret...

Code Story
I want to let you in on a little secret...
By Code Story • Issue #42 • View online
I found this amazing podcast recently, that I’m very excited to share with you. Its called Secret Leaders… its the podcast for UK entrepreneurs and beyond. Hosted by Dan Murray-Serter, Secret Leaders has raw conversations with founders, business leaders and investors, so you can learn how to build a business from the best.

So whats all the fuss about?
Secret Leaders Podcast, Hosted by Daniel Murray-Serter
Secret Leaders Podcast, Hosted by Daniel Murray-Serter
I’m glad you asked. Daniel digs into the stories of successful businesses from the founders themselves, but not just the successes… he digs into the back stories, the drivers, the “why”, and beyond.
One of my favorite episodes is E41, featuring Martha Lane Fox who founded Outside the fun tidbits about her love of Karaoke, she has some very interesting stories around the successes of, along with her views on not letting work define you.
Another episode to mention is E94, an awesome interview with Harry Hurst of pipe. Harry went from living on government benefits to living the American Dream, and has been a hustling entrepreneur since he was a little boy. Prior to Pipe, he founded Skurt, which was acquired by
Highlighted Episodes
Episode 41: – meet Martha Lane Fox, the Baroness of tech who refuses to let her past define her future —
Episode 94: From living on benefits to the American dream with pipe Co-Founder Harry Hurst —
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