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Save 20 WEEKS of engineering time.

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Save 20 WEEKS of engineering time.
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Verb solves the real pain points of building end-user dashboards and reports so you can focus on your business while providing great data experiences to your users.
Check out below how Bid Ops uses Verb to build new revenue streams and give customers access to data in a fraction of the time.

When we met Bid Ops they had already designed most of their ideal dashboards and done user interviews to get feedback on their solutions. They felt great about their solutions. Unfortunately, they were not able to slot the time to build the infrastructure required to manage aggregate-level dashboards. They estimated the work would take at least 20 weeks of engineering time. After learning about Verb they decided to try it out and see if they could solve their engineering delays with the platform.
Bid Ops first set out to create the dashboards that they designed using Verb. They connected their data, built a model, then designed their dashboard to match what their design team created in Figma. Their engineering team helped connect the data and set up an initial model but their product managers and data analysts were able to build from that initial model to create even more dashboards.
They realized they could do more with Verb than just create product dashboards. They saw that they could start getting their customer data before they were even customers to show the value that Bid Ops could provide. Their demos became more powerful because potential customers could see their own data in Bid Ops during demos. This helps them understand the insights that they will have once using the platform and it only takes a few minutes for Bid Ops to set these product dashboards - well worth the effort to close some killer deals.
So... what are you waiting for?
If you want to get a new dashboard up and running in a few days or replace an existing, slow dashboard you can get started now - you don’t need to talk to a sales rep, just sign up for the free plan or start a 30 day free trial.
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