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Where to Invest $100k, According to the Experts

Code Story
Where to Invest $100k, According to the Experts
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Today, investors face a dilemma. The global pandemic has completely disrupted markets. The S&P 500 is currently trading near its highest valuation levels since the dot-com crash of 2000. And treasury rates are near 0.
Finding promising investments is harder than ever.
Recently, Bloomberg asked investment experts where they’d personally invest $100,000 right now.
And, They overwhelmingly recommended alternatives, like contemporary art.

After all, the “0.1% of the 0.1%” have placed their bets on art for centuries. From the Rockefellers to today’s wealthiest titans—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Eric Schmidt all actively collect art.
In fact, 61% of high net worth collectors allocate 10–50% of their overall portfolios to it.
But despite the boom, very few actually know how to invest in this high performing asset class. 
Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and there are significant differences between investing in art and investing in stocks, bonds and other asset classes, see important disclosures.
Contemporary Art prices have outperformed S&P 500 returns by 174% from 1995–2020. That’s especially impressive when you consider the epic 20-year bull run we’ve just seen.
So, how can you add this resilient and lucrative investment to your portfolio? 
Normally, you would need tens, or even hundreds, of millions to build a properly diversified portfolio of art. But we’ve found a little-known… but incredibly smart way… for everyday people to invest in contemporary art at a fraction of the typical purchase point.
A revolutionary start up called Masterworks has opened the doors to this exciting $6 trillion asset class for the first time ever. 
Why does securitizing art make sense?
  • Deloitte projects the total wealth in art is to explode by another $1 trillion by 2026. 
  • Basquiat painting sold for $110,500,000 resulting in a 5814% gross return from original purchase
  • 86% of wealth managers recommend including art in their offerings 
With Masterworks, you can buy fractional shares of multimillion-dollar paintings by legendary artists like Warhol, Money, and Basquiat. The very same types of paintings regularly hang in museums and on the walls of the most extravagant mansions.
We partnered with Masterworks to give our readers priority access to their offerings. Use the link below to skip their waitlist and invest in multimillion-dollar paintings today.  
See important disclosures:
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