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Code Story - January 2022



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Code Story
Code Story - January 2022
By Code Story • Issue #77 • View online
Welcome to 2022! We made it. This year is going to be epic, I can feel it. In January, we finished up Season 5, shared a few of your favorite episodes again from the Season, and fired up Season 6! With a new set of interviews and a fantastic set of sponsors, this is season is definitely going to be a TBOY (phrase stolen from Robinhood Snacks).

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!
Immediate - Lower Financial Stress
Orbit: Mission Control for your Community
Stytch - User infrastructure + passwordless authentication
Postmark - Say goodbye to your email deliverability nightmares
Verb Data - No-code data dashboards - fully migrated environments!
Bonus: Adam Newman, Pyrl
Bonus: Matt Cowell, Quanthub
E2: Trevor Marshall, Current
Bonus: Alexander Deeb, Classhook
Bonus: Reed McGinley-Stempel, Stytch
E1: Stephen Blum, Pubnub
Season 6 Trailer
Bonus: Guillermo Rauch, Vercel & Next.js (Replay)
Bonus: Adrian Tobey, Groundhogg (Replay)
Season 5 Sign Off
Bonus: Shelby Stephens, Growth Match
E30: Adam Wiggins, Muse
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