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Code Story - November 2021



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Code Story
Code Story - November 2021
By Code Story • Issue #72 • View online
Happy Thanksgiving for those that celebrated (late of course)! We are super thankful for our fantastic guests, growing subscribers, and incredible supporters.

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Courier - Your Complete Communication Stack - Serverless CI/CD Tools for Kubernetes & Cloud Native
IMG.LY: Video & Photo SDK with 100’s of Features, Fast Setup
Routable - Current Openings
Cloudways - Managed Cloud Hosting Platform
E21: Laura Butler, Uplift
Bonus: Phill Lawson-Shanks, Aligned
Bonus: Oleg Fridman, Verb Data
Bonus: Matt Dixon, Code Program
 E22: Josh Dzielak, Orbit
E23: Ulf Schwekendiek,
Compiler Recast - Why Should You Write Technical Documentation?
Bonus: Brandon White, File Finder
Bonus: Adrian Tobey, Groundhogg
Bonus: Shinji Kim, Select Star
E24: Thejo Kote, Airbase
Bonus: Luke Hoban, Pulumi
E25: Bobby Ross, Fire Hydrant
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How I Built This with Guy Raz : NPR
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