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Introducing the future of sleep.



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Code Story
Introducing the future of sleep.
By Code Story • Issue #87 • View online
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Founders and startup leaders will be the first to admit that they have struggled with sleep at some point in their career. It can easily turn into a vicious cycle: sleepless nights lead to moody and unproductive days, which lead to more stress and insomnia. StimScience’s CEO, Aaron Bromberg, is sleeping great, even though his company has all the early stage startup challenges you’d expect.

StimScience’s product, the Somnee electronic headband, uses personalized non-invasive brain stimulation to directly improve sleep. Aaron, along with many of the company’s pilot users, has seen a life-changing improvement to the quality and duration of their sleep since they started using Somnee at bedtime.
Somnee - First Electronic Sleep Aid Headband
What is Somnee?
Somnee is the first wearable electronic sleep aid to use personalized non-invasive brain stimulation to improve sleep quality and health. Somnee uses a closed-loop algorithm to read a person’s brain activity and mimic their unique brain patterns to improve their sleep at a neurological level, based on their specific sleep issue.
Does it actually improve sleep?
In a 1,500+ night at-home trial, 70-75% of users who tested the device saw improvement in their sleep. More specifically, the stim session improved sleep onset by 14 minutes and increased sleep duration by 38 minutes. For a typical adult sleeper, that is equivalent to cutting the time it takes to fall asleep in half, and decreasing the amount of overnight tossing and turning by more than a third. 
Somnee - First Electronic Sleep Aid Headband
Somnee doesn’t just track sleep, it directly improves it. The Somnee by StimScience uses personalized neuromodulation, meaning it measures a person’s individual sleep patterns, and then creates a unique stim session designed to best help that person sleep better. Some people have trouble falling asleep while others fall asleep quickly, only to wake in the middle of the night. Somnee can detect those different patterns and adjust the stim session accordingly. And as a person’s sleep patterns evolve over time; in reaction to travel or a child’s changing sleep patterns; or between weekends and weekdays; Somnee will continuously adjust stim sessions to optimize sleep.  
When will Somnee be available?
StimScience is making Somnee available for pre-order in a few weeks so stay tuned. Pre-orders will be shipped to customers in Q3 of this year.
This first-of-its-kind product has the chance to put an end to sleeping-related issues for people of all ages and circumstances, and we want to make sure you have the opportunity to try it out.
Interview with StimScience CEO
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