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Meet the email delivery service that people actually like.



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Code Story
Meet the email delivery service that people actually like.
By Code Story • Issue #86 • View online
This message is sponsored by Postmark.
Email infrastructure isn’t the most exciting thing — setting it up is no Friday night at your local disco—but it sure plays a crucial role in most applications: If your account confirmations and password reset emails don’t reach the inbox, your users get stuck, support queues get flooded, and your team tears their hair out while trying to figure out what in the [bleep] is going on.
With Postmark, a reliable email delivery service with a rock-solid API, these nightmares are a thing of the past.

Here's why people love Postmark
Email delivery that you can rely on
Promo & transactional emails never mix
Great support, as a standard
Feature rich platform and tooling
Provider comparison & customer stories
Using another provider today? Postmark stacks up well against the most well-known competitors today. Clear pricing, exceptional deliverability, and world class support—at no extra cost.
Since 2010, Postmark has delivered billions of emails for companies of all sizes—1Password, Asana, Podia, and DriveWealth to name a few. Check out their posted customer stories here.
Proudly bootstrapped by people who care
Postmark is built by the team at Wildbit, a small people-first company. They’re profitable and privately owned, and believe in building great products and a sustainable business that puts people over profits.
Bonus: Natalie Nagele, Wildbit
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